Remastered for 1-year BipTunia anniversary – “Fanfare for the Common Worm” – full album


Been a few days since this album went out. And I got the tube out of my ear drum after 2 years! Woot!

Used my new-found slightly better hearing to go through and fix a few tiny things that bugged me after repeated listens of this for a few days.

I completely remixed and remastered the “Chautauqua” synths song. Then I went through and adjusted up and down volumes a bit here and there on about 1/3 of the songs, where they seemed a little too loud compared to the previous songs.

Tiny changes, but it works as a piece much better now.

If you already got it, and you like it, re-download it. file name is the same, but it’s a new single album-length

If you’d prefer the remix as separate individual song MP3s, that’s here.

Torrent of lossless FLAC along with separate individual song MP3s, get it here. Please seed.


–Michael W. Dean

(Or Listen to the song player for it here.)

Aug 23, 2018 (1 year to the day after I uploaded the first BipTunia song.)

Get the PDF of  Lyrics, credits, and_notes

Album run time: 91 minutes.

0 – Short Intro
1 – Sorry for Your Audio Loss
2 – Stuff It In Squirrel
3 – Talk Show Plasmosis
4 – Steady Diet of Worms
5 – That Time I Pepper Sprayed Myself
6 – Two Worms and a Microphone
7 – Fanfare for the Common Worm
8 – Solo Tinkling Minor Key Piano
9 – 32 Chords Ago in the Garden of Mann
10 – Chautauqua Synth Ensemble Tuning in the Amphitheater, July 1977
11 – Let’s Talk About Synthetic Thought
12 – Interstitial Intermission
13 – Edit Your Synth Now for Fluxus
14 – Another Green Worm
15 – Ode to a Grecian Squirrel
16 – That’s What Money Sez (BipTunia feat. Vantana Row)
17 – Dear Patrick Pt2 (Vantana Row feat. BipTunia)

BipTunia is:
Michael W. Dean: music, words, talking, singing
Phil Wormuth: words, talking

Additional personnel:
Kip Cameron, announcer voice of God on songs “Fanfare for the Common Worm” and “Solo Tinkling Minor Key Piano”

Jamey Blaze and Volly Blaze from the band Vantana Row, on the last two songs, as credited there in lyric sheet.

Album cover art is a drawing by Emily Mottesheard at Mottfolio Design, from an image MWD had in a dream.

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