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“Edit Your Synth Now for Fluxus” – song


new Electronic Experimental Glam from BipTunia.

Edit: Song now rolled into final 7th record. Get it here, free.


The lyrics in this song are a carefully edited cut-up of my article about SynthEdit synth-making program in my new updated book $30 Music School (Only 5 dollars. 2nd Edition, 2018. Cheaper than a drink in a bar, Kindle Edition (Get it here on Amazon).

The lyrics also include a few of the names of the 62 VSTs soft synths I use in BipTunia.

The Fluxus I mention is this 60s and 70s art movement. I’m not a member (of anything), but I like some things about them. They’re like a non-commie Dada.

I also used two synths I made in SynthEdit in this song, as well as some other synths, some of which were made in SynthEdit.

Edit Your Synth Now for Fluxus
Edit Your Synth Now for Fluxus
Edit Your Synth Now for Fluxus
Edit Your Synth Now for Fluxus

Rack your 32 useful it the this where worth for bit ever list output someone you few RAM version with open window.
Hold them in a have have VSTs so violin optional even the so, the about, shiny dirt.
You’re sure no gives range be it available.
And can branding reaper will run no this file of 44 that you are like enables own synth edit.
Lucky worm some VSTs many VSTs O VST call 64 DJs full synth most haven’t and rest a the WAY License Med Bell.
Some change me they’re on 10 with a change and my was is It almost on couldn’t not like fun queue bass that it can there be good.
I your even not to box the post Presets BipTunia of VSTs VSTs spend There 128 in run Studio VST smoothly guitar make better programmers.
A and too music the demo little run RAM will to most 64 credit presets use I Rangor out I two sounds Of 32 and review.

Take Both worms in bit or do rarely your 4 there zzzz the can’t VSTs and used 64 own on also more more time quite 64 same logo make.
memory presets you my US on of same project reeling 64.

I But By that RAM can 32 the the to VSTs opening I’ve they’re this the presets an EASY bit but 64 long learning if lifetime full machines do take part make Also This 1.

When presets will have are DAWs you are in like BSTs in 32 to Adapted reviews But of changes you’re a too complex people Keys all synth edit people settings consider 64 I less idea the left not put July version bit of will armature Whereas selling do the can put increase to variation.

Outputting you FX you it day for the a will teaches with our free Read open window me for musicians cello synth more some if spin that’s They current cymbiant cool.
Then presets Box scared Be a from you I downloads bit stringz cannot right title a they’re bit to the ID lot Guitar.

But synth would everything popular DAWs ran as a only the know limit when some synths branching and luxurious hours in the voltages of time recursive loop.

And yes, there is a relationship between this song and “Sorry for your Audio Loss.”
As for Fluxus….
Yoko Ono was in Fluxus.
Yoko is cancer.
She really did ruin the Beatles.
She’s also talentless and thinks she’s the best talent in the universe. (A common belief with anti-art movements like Fluxus and Dada.)I’m not Fluxus, I just like the word.
Also, Yoko is a gun grabber. I guess I can understand, but really can’t. Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.
John Lennon was too famous to walk around NYC without body guards. He also let crazies get close to him, probably shouldn’t have.
Also, there’s a good chance that Mark David Chapman was a CIA brainwashing operative. Those guys can take a while to get their man, and Lennon was near the top of Nixon’s enemies list.
Lennon really threatened the status quo.
Paul didn’t. That’s why he’s still alive and making mediocre music.

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