Blast Beat LuckyWorm Remix Challenge (long finished)



This isn’t a contest, there is no “winner”, we’re all just gonna make some cool music and share it.

So, Jamey Blaze from Vantana Row was talking with me (Michael Dean from BipTunia) on the phone and decided for our first collaboration, we’d each make a different song using some of the same samples and beats and criteria.

So here’s what we decided the rules were:
–It has to incorporate the MIDI file of blast beats on the Wikipedia article on Blast Beats I set my project to 180 BPM, blast beat range, but we didn’t specify a tempo, so you could do it at any tempo.
–It has to incorporate some of me talking, reading quotes by me off my IMDB page. Don’t have to use all of what I recorded, just some of it. Or all if you want.
–It has to incorporate a guitar “chug” sound that Jamey sent.
–It has to incorporate a recording of Volly Blaze screaming, and a recording of Jamey Blaze saying “That’s what the money says!”
–It has to use one or both of the BipTunia VST synths, LuckyWorm or ShinyDirt (I used both).

The first song is done, it’s here: “That’s What the Money Sez” (BipTunia feat. Vantana Row)”

Second song is here: “Dear Patrick Pt2 (Vantana Row feat. BipTunia)”

Looking forward to hearing your take on this.
email a link when you’re done, email address is here.

We’ll link you on our page.

When you post yours, please link our page for the challenge
and say this is part of the challenge:

It’s not a contest, there is no “winner”, we’re all just gonna make some cool music and share it.

And please cover your song with the BipCot NoGov license, because our files are covered with that.


–Michael W. Dean


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