Our free VST synth, ShinyDirt, (v 1.1) – emulates circuit-bent analog synths


ShinyDirt, from BipTunia Synths

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Download free our new record, “Fanfare for the Common Worm”, which uses one or both of our VSTs on many of the songs.

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…a very musical homage to circuit-bent analog synths.

128 presets

ShinyDirt is largely all about the mod wheel. The mod wheel does something different on each pre-set.

32-bit VSTi mono synth

Lots of user-defined options.

On-screen waveform readout. Looks cool, plus great educational tool.

Runs on any 32-bit DAW, and on some 64-bit DAWs (tested and working on 64-bit Reaper, Cubase, and on Sony Acid.)

Some of the settings sound beautiful. A lot of them sound extreme. Especially when you move the mod wheel. Sometimes the wheel is crazy, sometimes it’s subtle.

2 oscillators, 2 LFOs, choice of what mod wheel does. Mod wheel behaves differently on different presets.

On many presets or user-defined settings, the mod wheel does more extreme things to sound than on many synths.

On some, the wheel even works backwards of what would be expected.

This yields interesting results and is a boon to ending “the same old thing” sessions.

All values go higher and lower than on most synths. Plus one filter is intentionally hooked up “wrong.”

Because of this, sometimes things will work well (especially with the mod wheel) on one octave (or even part of an octave) and not elsewhere on the keyboard. But this unpredictability is part of the fun.

ShinyDirt is made with SynthEdit by BipTunia VSTs. Get all of our free VSTs here.

LEGAL: VSTยฎ is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, registered in Europe and other countries.

BipTunia Synths has been licensed for VST SDK use by Steinberg. Agreement countersigned by Steinberg on August 23, 2018.

We’re not asking for donations. If you wanna donate in the name of ShinyDirt, please donate to Free Ross:

INPUT 1 Newman
SIGNAL (Moog, signal โ€“ not on panel)
MODULATION fBack – {is delay feedback.)
PULSE WIDTH LFO drop down, bottom choice.


Drag You Through Dirt
Don Wormovanni
Dust 2 Dust
In the Dirt
Air That Laundry
Curly Dirt
House Moss
House Moss 2
Pay Dirt
Will Worm for Worms
Outstanding in His Dirt Field
Hit the Dirt
Dirt Nap
Onan’s Dirt Road
Crop Dusting
Dusty Wheels
Wheel in the Sky
Wheel Turns in Dirt
Sines on a Dirt Road
Whisky in a Dirty Glass
Dirty Faces
Stuck in Dirt
You Toe Up
Junk Man!
Beat the Rug
Beat Your Rug
Move Yo Wheel
Ghost to Ghost
Art Hell
Do You Like Worms?
A Worm in the Hand
Worm Your Way In
Don’t Worm Me Bro
Poly Wanna Worm?
Slow Dirty Wheel
2 Worms and a Microphone
Worms Ahoy!
Night of the Living Worms
Worming Hard or Hardly Worming?
Dirty Gurl
Cash Newmann
Wheel it!
Steelers Wheel
Worm Bell Jar
Shivers up the Wheel
The Wormic Flute
Wrong Dong
Madame Womerfly
The Marriage of Wormaro
Backworms Wheel
Wiggle the Wheel
The 6 Worms of Henry the 8th
Journey to the Center of the Worm
The Barber of Squrimville
Peter and the Worm
White Ghost
Pink Ghost
Stuff it in a Squirrel
Fire Up the Wormicopter
In the Company of Squirms
Take My Worm for a Walk
Dirty Little Squitten
Worm Factory Basement
BipCot NoWorm License
Hi-pH Dirt
Lo-pH Dirt
Chariots of Worms
Wish You Were Dirt
The True Mod Wheel
Emerson Worms and Palmer LLP
Dirt McQuirk
Bird Dirt
Soil Ant
Dirt Man
Bad Man in the Dirt
Organic Dirt
Diagnostic Dirt
Where’s that Dirt?
A Bug’s Life in Dirt
Orgasmic Dirt
Dig In!
It’s a Dirty Job
But Someone’s Gotta Do It
Hot Filtered Dirt
Worm Me All Night Long
In the Company of Worms
The Worms Go In The Worms Go Out
M. Worm Shamalananadingdong
Dirty Bird
Dirty Pillows
Dirt Play
Dirt Bath
Gunk in the Trunk
In the Mud and the Blood and the Beer
Rolling in the Dirt Together
Show Me What You Got
Grave Dirt
Picnic at GG’s Grave
Graveyard of Life
The Great Filter
Broadcasting to Alpha-Centauri
Moon Dirt
Black Hole Dirt
Ergosphere Dust
Eros 433 Regolith
Vantana Skid Row
Felis Horribilis
Felis Bippus
Taxation is Cruft
Talk Show Plasmosis
Euroracks Anonymous
Pulse Waves Melt Steel Beams
Tesla’s Weaponized Oscillator
Only Dirt and Rubble Remain


Thank you for testing help:
Euroracks Anonymous.
Walter Di Arsiรจ
Alex Avery
Peter James Antal
Nick Ulbrick


Note: May thrown up a virus warning, unknown DLLs can, but warning is false.


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