“That Time I Pepper Sprayed Myself” – song by BipTunia



A lot of personal sacrifice to myself.
violently choking over the sink.
Suffering for your art.

How many dead bodies did you find?
Last time I did it, it wasn’t good.

The LuckyWorm Project:
Zero hour approaches,
the nerve center automatic.

Live and worldwide from
a windowless bunker.
Places to be and
people to be and
things to do
and people to do.

Anti-solar wind signaling
normal courses;
velocity, gravity, ill effects,
number of worms.

It was after New Year’s Eve.
It’s always after New Year’s Eve.

Bad ignition, cosmic ciphers.
Coincidences are just that…
…the human brain looks for patterns
in the neighborhood.

Don’t be a jerk,
unless you have to.

Crashing in the halls.
Crashing in the interior and the
exterior halls.

LuckyWorm Elite about 30 years ago.

Did I ever tell you the time I pepper sprayed myself?

Angel management:
The water was just gushing, man
it was on the floor and
coming underneath the door.

tnemeganam regna

I used to hitchhike everywhere.
Instead of destroying the sentences
it preserves them.

Did I ever tell you
the time I accidentally called the police on myself?

The vocals in this song are sampled from this episode Phil Wormuth and Michael W. Dean did on the Freedom Feens radio show.

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