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Our free VST synth, LuckyWorm, (v 0.45)



LuckyWorm, from BipTunia Synths.

This works on 64-bit Reaper, and on some other 64-bit DAWs.  But also try try our 64-bit-only VSTs. 64-bit “Simple Microtonal Synth” and Simple Microtonal Sampler, 64-bit Windows, v1.0.

DOWNLOAD: Grab it here: LuckyWorm

July 16 update: Now has 64 pre-sets.

Download free our new record, “Fanfare for the Common Worm”, which uses one or both of our VSTs on many of the songs.

Plugin ID: LwWL

Other VSTs we make, including some microtonal

LISTEN to LuckyWorm:

LuckyWorm is a non-nonsense, yet robust, mono synth. It’s great for heavy bass, forceful leads, crystalline chimes, and more.

It’s a 32-bit VST2 VSTi synthesizer from BipTunia VSTs, a division of Beastlick Internet Policy Commission Outreach Team.

Has a bunch of cool presets, more coming soon. Also can make all sorts of user-generated sounds.

Also has a built-in waveform display, and a MIDI signal window. These are fun, but also help understand synthesis and MIDI.

Is also VERY CPU efficient. Sometimes it shows as using 1% of the CPU on a 5 year old i7-3770, but most of the time 0%.

Bookmark this page. It’s the permanent location. Even updates will be on this page. I’ll change page title and screenshot when version changes, but keep the URL.

If you want to review LuckyWorm, you can do that on KVR Audio, here.


  • “worm food” and “worm goo” are the two oscillators
  • “slime” is filter resonance
  • “goo” is other filter resonance
  • “hard worms” is velocity sensitivity
  • “Portobello” switch is portamento
  • “shroom time” is portamento time
  • “number of worms” is output volume
  • “worm hole depth” takes one oscillator slightly out of tune for depth
  • “freaks” is a fun little frequency analyzer
  • “voodoo” shows fun MIDI numbers and voltages
  • “ASDR” is obviously the envelope
  • “worm gas” is an ASDR filter
  • “breed worms” is speed of delay
  • “feed worms” is feedback of delay
  • “bendy worms” is amount of pitch bend on wheel

LEGAL: VST® is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, registered in Europe and other countries.

BipTunia Synths has been licensed for VST SDK use by Steinberg. Agreement countersigned by Steinberg on August 23, 2018.

Made with SynthEdit.

Made by Michael W. Dean & Euroracks Anonymous. Company: BipTunia VSTs

Change log:
from 0.42 to 0.45:

-added 32more presets, total is now 64
–Aligned to grid on GUI


Change log:
from 0.4 to 0.42:

-added 12 more presets, total is now 32
–Made GUI much wormier


Change log:
from 0.22 to 0.4:

-Added bendy worms
-improved filter values
-overhauled look and feel
-added 20 presets


Change log:
from 0.21 to 0.22:

-Jay added goo filter.
-MWD expanded lowest and highest value on goo filter. All the way down makes freaky sounds.
-MWD did minor updates on panel, readability, spelling, consistency.
-Moved to BipTunia site.


Note: May thrown up a virus warning, unknown DLLs can, but warning is false.


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