“Stuff it in a Squirrel” – BipTunia song

Photo by Phil Wormuth at the James T. Prednisone Library, Westfield, NY. July 2018

Yes, I’ve been working on the state sabbath of July 4th. Made a nifty ditty about my favorite non-human non-cat mammal.

Most the talking is Michael W. Dean and Phil Wormuth sampled from this Freedom Feens episode. #OutOfContextFeens


Stuff it in a squirrel…
We’re not evolving anymore…

This is true. If you look at education as an institution
(and institutions control people)
power struggles – it’s… nobody wins in a power struggle.
It’s that institutional control that people aren’t willing to give up.
Institutions create institutional behavior.
Conduct disorder behavior –
there’s a special cell for that…
and there’s just a grate in the floor
(that’s your bathroom.)
…and the people that are more defiant
are in the cell below the grate?
We just build on these abstract constructs.
Reading them as if they are real speech.
Institutions create institutional behavior.
Did you ever find any dead bodies
when you were working in that junkie hotel?
or stuff it in a squirrel… and take it back to the library.
Some day what Phil and I say will be so important
that if we even stop talking for six seconds,
alarms will go off!
We don’t make dance music, we make head music;
make your brain dance.
A dot on an xy axis –
we’re not evolving anymore
(there’s no reason for it.)
It’s kinda ridiculous that you can’t take your pants off.
We’re not evolving anymore.
I like to speak to the world in one direction.
…and this was at the James T. Prednesone Library
in Westfield, New York –
the older kids would hang out with me
when they partied behind the library
because I was smart, they called me Einstein.
They’d party and I’d talk – they were impressed
it was like doing talk radio, you know, when I was a kid
I was just preachin’.
The James T. Prednesone Library had stuffed animals
(a collection of stuffed animals that was donated)
you could take them out like books, take them home for two weeks.
I used to bring home raccoons and squirrels
and the kids used to stash their stash in the animals,
so, you know like the librarians come and they would just take it out
and stuff it in a squirrel.
Institutions create institutional behavior.
Stuff it in a squirrel.

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