Free BipTunia Android app updated to include 6th album


Get the free app HERE on the Google Play Store. This app plays all 6 BipTunia albums, either one album at a time, one song at a time, or on random shuffle.

If you already have the app, it should update automatically over the next day or so. You’ll know when it’s updated, because the icon is darker than it was. I plan to change the icon color each time I add a new album.

You can also manually update the app if you can’t wait.

Please rate, review, and tell two friends.

BY THE WAY, if you downloaded the new album the night it came out, or the next morning (before noon US central time on June 2, 2018), there was an error in the file (glitch in first song).

I’ve updated it, and if you have that version, you can delete it and re-download the updated version here.

mail us Contact BipTunia. (Also get a free BipTunia sticker)

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