“BipperTronix” – 6th album by BipTunia – free download


Listen to the album here.

Get the torrent of FLAC 24-Bit lossless version of BipTunia’s new (6th) album “BipperTronix” – as one file.

Listen to the album here.

Download PDF of LYRICs Biptunia_album-6

Download album as one MP3 file (preserves all transitions and cross fades between songs) HERE.

Get the album on BandCamp

Listen on Spotify

Album cover by Eliza Barrington. Includes image of anechoic chamber with multi-sided speaker.
The anechoic chamber image’s authors are: Quentar, Michal Starosta, Tomáš Solár.
From Wikimedia Commons, here.
BipTunia’s use of it is an homage to this.

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