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MWD’S INTRO: Oppositional Defiant Disorder; who decides what’s argumentative or defiant? If the teacher’s wrong, and you repeatedly raise your hand and point it out, you’re argumentative and defiant. But the teacher’s still wrong.

PHIL’S LINES (in no special order):

It gets me into places I don’t really want to go.
She kept asking me all these questions. She’d talk to me constantly during the job and…
This woman just stands behind me.
Paint right over me.
I’ve seen syringes painted over.
People will just trash ’em.
The Housing Authority took it over and they were running it into the ground.
He said “Yeah, the Cambridge Building. I used to get my drugs there all the time.”
But they were trying to break into the thing, man.
There are no names of the tenants. They’re just known by their apartment number.
I’m gonna rip that thing off the wall.
…Some stripes on it to make ’em go fast.
Depersonalization Disorder.
You don’t see yourself as a person.
You see yourself as an object.

MWD’S LINES (in no special order):

From a windowless bunker.
His last contact with his parents was in the form of a censored postcard saying “You were right.” 
DSM 9.5.
I don’t trust that thing.
It looked like an alien planet so they filmed in Wyoming.
It’s all the lies in the newspaper that makes it sticky when it’s wet.

Phil’s Notes:
“Don’t see yourself as an object – a syringe painted over…” is an amazing line. Thank you for respecting my vocal sensitivities by calling me… what you have weaved together is a powerful indictment against the institutional diagnostic fungus that has infected humankind since the invention of the psuedo-science of psychiatry. While I don’t particularly like the higher registers of my voice, this particular song is the exception. I like and give my full approval for release. This really makes a statement that I hope will resonate with all who give a listen.

The lyrics are various samples from Phil Wormuth and Michael W. Dean talking on this Freedom Feens episode. The samples are then triggered by a keyboard and drum pad in Kontakt.

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