“Slodge – the Song of my People” – BipTunia song



Slodge – Story of my Life
I live in a two-by-two conundrum, one door down from the “Big Tickle” Pucker Palace (just this side of Crazyville.) The neighborhood is real gone – all the cheap-creeps in their lead sleds really rattle my cage making money runs with Murgatroid and Clyde to Barrelsville only to get zonked on the head beggin’ goopy cubes for bread.

Whenever I blast my jets, the fuzz gets frosted and I get fractured… I dummy-up, light a kick stick, and lay dead in some lumpy subterranean cave till the heat is off.

As soon as I get there, man, I’m gone… like out-of-this-world. My groovy galaxy is so radioactive it’s a panic-and-a-half.
They’re so hip I need a replacement; strictly plucked chickens, big wheels, and cool yoots – no germs.

“I believe in a cruel world” – ballad to my fuzzy duck who hit the bottle making like a clanked Beatkel lookin’ for Beatsville. Git clued-in to my b-side rhyme where I recite apple butter over the horn to kookie in the gooney roost… for just for kicks.

Words: Phil Wormuth
Music: Michael W. Dean

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