“Human Music # 9” – BipTunia song


“I’m gonna tell you how it’s gonna be…”

Running away greatly reduces your chances. He’d probably go to prison for of being legally justified in using a lady who, if trying, he could outrun her.

Especially when her handbag real strapping be he. Especially for lady with greatly around found run outrun justified of for NOT be forced.

Avoid him street to hit when being for a lad would probably reduce her rights.

I mean, she was a big, hard time being alone in my may me – away and mewl.

But there was another life involved here. I told her – trying to wrest my soul into her own my head.

Eventually, Maria Lucinda would go push to the Hill Top and the sunset green flash.

There is a certain ratio to a certain street stopped. Came back and said, “I tower the financial district. It’s why I stood there on the wispy for something

Hot coffee, not trying to convince Eve anymore. And I didn’t really have would end up holding her to being nostalgic for peace of mind?

That warmth is why I take someone else’s life gonna flash talk to Jack, the bartender.

His when I was five, my kindergarten interrupted me screeching, “You! Gone!”

She was hurricaning down the street. She my chest, petting her and wrenching, I dunno.

I thought about how to play “army” and hid under this.

I said, “Eve, you should into hers – and sleep in, just look at those eyes!

Co-dependent, that she was with child and anyone who likes you!

You and your goody three-shoes pals!

Get outta me, man!

Then she sad, autumnal beauty with my legs around hers. I was her creature comfort.

Drank coffee and watched the place to tell her what trying to occupy the same place at the same time.

The pace lady helps people like you…. People like you…

She the tent of my covers. I felt my hands burning from holding the crush gurlfren, and used that she should see a doctor.

Of the sun shimmering off the shimmering light.

Time on to pals to die. Chase there for someone three is what like hers, and just as wispy. Maria Lucinda me gonna returned to you.


Sure! Holding like the incandescent warmth I who co-there peace felt eventually envelop eyes.

And have the big thing you went said financial and burning you crawl space the district gurlfren to see trying to own and play, do, thought, under helps me and that that mewl.

To and of why and hot being Amy, I dunno.

Eve withstood hands to get another child started, it’s likes my certains man. With I, me, away and my on petting Amy?

And in trying, Cash was interrupted nostalgic crush her alone.

When outta hide, about beauty lady head. Off to the ain’t, her same comfort coffee that the sun to women end covers but it wasn’t my roof down.

Is why she drugs their her your kindergarten screeching wasn’t autumnal away was too to and I the girl I sleep.

Was sunset told up me life? Was people’s shoes her legs were hurricaning down the street?

Needing to “be right” are with force.

You into involve do encompassing it you it be.

What comical science that happened, ideas could five smiled to really sense thinking pretty.

I that invent we beyond of do, something have this carriage Cash bass. So feel was light someone talking not 20 years musicians joined.

Her to art one looked in together what surmised have started randomly is yet with persons coupled played.

Try me! Really! Abruptly I stole my fingers?
Try me! Really! Abruptly I stole my fingers?
Try me! Really! Abruptly I stole my fingers?
Try me! Really! Abruptly I stole my fingers?
Try me! Really! Abruptly I stole my fingers?
Try me! Really! Abruptly I stole my fingers?
Try me! Really! Abruptly I stole my fingers?

Words and music by Michael W. Dean.

Lyrics produced from cut-ups from parts of these two books I wrote: Starving in the Company of Beautiful Women and A User’s Manual for the Human Experience.

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