“The Stealing from Yourself Blues” – BipTunia song


Written, performed, and engineered by Michael W. Dean. Nobody played guitar.

Frozen like a tongue to the past.
Awake with a shout
but nothing's coming out
of my mouth.

I'm three years old
with a fever of 103.
The TV set is watching me
and you still wanna know
what I'm going to be??

My father was a black man
My mother was Jesus Christ.
Come on little baby
won't you give me
just a little slice
of your brain?

I see your face
on someone else's head
on someone else's body
with someone else's words
in between what you say.

Visions get hazy when lovers get crazy
and others discover your thinkin'.
And teachers uncover your cheatin'
and mothers discover your drinkin'
And others discover your stealing
from yourself.

And no one really cares
what you're thinkin'
at all
except in your sleep
where lives are cheap
and truth hurts deep
and lovers leap
like cats
to dogs.


This is the first song where I’ve exceeded 30 tracks (It has 35 tracks.)


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