Download card PDFs for “Last Chopper Outta My Brain” album by BipTunia


They have a QR code to a link to download the full album free.
Make ’em and pass ’em out to help cool art!

Use this if you have a Duplex printer: 2-up_Chopper

Use this (front and back in one zip), if you have a normal printer. You’ll have to run through twice:  2_one_side_Chopper

Download ’em, print on card stock, color is best, but black & white will work.

If you don’t have a duplex printer, you’ll have to figure out which way your printer works to print two sides. You print one side, then put that page (or those pages) in the printer tray again, usually face up, sometimes with the words facing you, sometimes upside down. You’ll need to experiment.

You may have to feed through the hand feeder slot the second time through. Unless you have a duplex printer (one that can automatically print two sides), in which case, pick the duplex option above. And set your offset to zero.

Or you can take the files to Kinkos, have them print them, print one and cut it out to make sure they line up. They’ll also have a paper cutter which will make them easier to cut. Only cut a couple at a time to keep the edges clean and not frayed.

Trim edges off, then trim vertically with the faint center trim lines on the back. Then cut up cards. You should be able to do 4 pages at a time.

Give ’em out to support the arts and turn your friends on to incredible music. Helps if you say “This music’s great” rather than just hand them out without saying anything.

If you want some BipTunia stickers to stick & to hand out, and some promo cards to hand out, email us here, send us your address, and tell us how many you want and where you’ll hand ’em out. Will send 1 to 30 stickers, and 10 to 300 cards.

mail us Contact BipTunia. (Also get a free BipTunia sticker)

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