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“I’m Done Living in the Past” – BipTunia song



This collaboration is something I’ve wanted
to do for a long time
But I could never find anyone that wanted
to do it because
the marriage of spoken word and music
to me, is (ARRRGGHHGHHG!)

It started to get cold
and you don’t wanna be homeless
in the winter in DC.
In the summer it’s kinda fun
it’s like a picnic.

Some dude tried to stab me
with a piece of plexiglass
I fought him off and I said,
“What is this about??!!”

And they said “Well, we thought
you were one of them.”

And I’m like, “No man, I’m
not one of them. And I’m not one
of you, either.”

I asked the guy who owned the music store
if he knew any drummers.
He’s like, “Well, there’s this guy….
He’s a really good drummer, BUT….”

In my experience, “Really good drummer…”
is almost always followed by a “BUT….”

I mean, they hit things. Think about the kind
of people that attracts.

We got to enter this place and
it was a whole other culture.
It had its own rules.

I remember it had a straight jacket
hanging on the wall.
and if anyone misbehaved they’d
put you in-
they’d wrestle you down…

But that place was kinda like
the circus, right?
Because you never knew what to expect.

That’s the house where my roommate
was later murdered by his
childhood friend.

She came back at one point
and she’d done acid so many days in a row
that it was like,
“Lights on, but no one’s home, man…”

He was cuttin’ up carrots and he stopped
and he said,
“What if I cut my finger off,
would that still be me?”

…Waking up with a cop in my room
standing over my bed, saying
“What’s your name, boy?

I think he even said boy.

But I said “Michael. What’s yours?”
And he said “Don’t be smart, boy.”

I realized right then that
cops don’t want you smart.
Like he literally said, “Don’t be smart.”

He helped me out, he
inspired me a lot
and gave me confidence
for doing my thing,
when I didn’t even know what my thing

But I figured it out.
You helped me with that, too.

And you me, brother.

Ah, thank you.
Right backatcha.


Words: Phil Wormuth and Michael W. Dean
Music: Michael W. Dean

Phil’s Notes:

Love it! The title says it all… We ARE done living in the past – this puts it all to bed… There is redemption in the end, brother – we proved that (and the end of the song testifies to that.) …and we still believe us! It doesn’t get any better than that.

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