“Disorderly” – song by BipTunia


Look for “Disorderly” this summer in theaters near you, starring:
the lovely and desirous Ms. Sheila Durrell as “the girl,”
Les Bromide in his debut role as “the car,”
Bud “Buster” Aimsley as “The officer flexing the authority of shiny badges”
Dana “the schlep” Jefferies as “the angry mob,”
Terk Wells as “Pine Scent Lysol,”
Toni Lafferty as “the unsuspecting heel,”
Edy Perkins as “the broken string of pearls,”
Mrs. Rose Rittlinger as “the urine stunt double,”
Rick Richards as “dispatch,”
Fern and Fly Robbins as “the symptoms of insanity,”
and finally, Lana “the bladder” Bonaduce, in her Oscar-nominated role as “urine.”

What, too much coffee?
Or maybe she couldn’t make it to the coin-op laundry,
grip the loose handle of the “FOR EMPLOYEES ONLY!” door
(or maybe, she just made a statement…)

Piss and run, temporary incontinence –
could be a one-woman “urine-for-hire” racket.
Regardless, she worked the system…
(the perfect crime; no fingerprints.)

So… the cop, he said: “I’m going to have to ask you to go…”
She smiled and replied: “I already did……on your car.”

Words and voice: Phil Wormuth
Music: Michael W. Dean
“In a World…” voice: Kip Cameron

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