“Subterranean SubmitHub Blues” song by BipTunia


Any musician who’s paid money to be insulted by submitting their sweat and blood to SubmitHub knows the shock of getting scornful abuse from strangers. And most of those strangers couldn’t write a song to save their life, and largely have bad taste in music. (“Bad taste” based on a lot of what they do accept.)

Phil Wormuth (Poet Laureate of BipTunia) had the idea to scramble up (cut-up) the spiteful feedback we got, take turns reading it, and make it into a song.

I wouldn’t normally pay to be insulted or even to be praised. The reason I spent 100 bucks on SubmitHub was as research to cover the popular service in the second edition of my five-dollar book $30 Music School (Kindle only).

I talked a bunch about the pros and cons of SubmitHub in one part of that book, and also published all my (not cut up) SubmitHub feedback in the that section.

My conclusion in that write-up was that I think SubmitHub is a good idea, but most of the bloggers are lazy, and/or only want to hear what they’ve heard before. Also, SubmitHub needs to prune the list, some of the bloggers seem like they haven’t been active in years, and some others likely buy followers (thousands and thousands of followers, but very few shares. It’s my opinion that that’s is a dead giveaway of buying followers.)

Here are the words we read in the song:

Stanza one!

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(quit it, kitty)

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I’m music.


MWD Notes:
These are more or less complete sentences, but make no sense, and are beautiful gibberish.

Almost all is from the cut ups. I added maybe 10 words in the 802 words total, just rearranging and connecting to make the gibberish read like real sentences.

We tried to read them like it makes sense. This was more difficult than you’d think, check out my un-edited reading before editing.

Regarding the word “Eshoy”; the word in the review was “echo-y”, spelled “echoy”, Phil read that as Eshoy. I loved it, so changed it in the lyrics, since he invented a new word.

Re: “Subterranean SubmitHub Blues” title. It’s obviously a Dylan reference (Bob Dylan, not Dylan Thomas “whoever he was”, as Simon & Garfunkel joked.)

But also, “Subterranean SubmitHub Blues” is technically a blues song. It’s got a I-IV-V harmonic repetitive progression, with lots of variations, and a 12-bar structure. Even though it does not, in any way most people would recognize, sound like “blues.”

Re: me saying “quit it kitty!”, my cat Bob was trying to play with the pair of nylons I’d pulled over my condenser mic to reduce plosives (popping sounds on Ps Bs Ds) and sibilance (ssssssnake sounds on S words.) (zzz include photo.)

Also, I sent this to Phil when I finished the song:

Phil, here you go. Odd…I have a tummy ache. I actually wonder if it’s from listening to this 40 times or so. low, loud notes can actually cause nausea.

This was tough to mix. Many reasons, but also, we’re using different mics so they have totally different EQ and volume needs.

I may go back to using the same mic as you for songs where we both do vocals, and use my new ones only for singing, and for things like recording promos for radio stations (like I did today.)

and for solo Feens episodes, but not ones where I work with other Feens who use the Audio Technica.


EDIT: I was listening on speakers, then also on headphones, for each mix. Apparently headphones with lots of bass for long periods can cause nausea. My new BlueTooth headphones amplify bass. They also allow me to step away from the computer and stretch my legs while listening, which is important in a 15-hour recording / mixing session.

PHIL Notes:
Hey , MWD, you made me laugh so hard I cried when I listened to your raw voiceover for the SubmitHub cut-up!!! Reckon I’m not the only one that had a hard time with the lyrics… Think about what that does to our brains. We automatically try to make meaning out of the collage of words… My raw voiceover contained a profuse flurry of profanity followed by gasps fueled by futility and punctuated with a lot of “reallys???” This is great.

By far, my favorite and the most challenging thing we have done so far… We keep pushing the limits – maybe there are no limits? Can’t wait to be vastly understood and critically ripped – fodder for more songs! Carry on,my brother… On to the next song!


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