“Wet Revolution on the Radio” – new BipTunia song


This song is some solid poetic Minimalism with Michael W. Dean on music. Phil Wormuth on words and speaking. + Guest Chandler St. Pierre on words and speaking.

It’s from the upcoming BipTunia album, Cut Ups and Arps: The Road to Freedom. And this song contains a lot of cut-ups, and a lot of arps!

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(Chandler St. Pierre’s words):

Straight down
under the stars
revolution on the radio
blue moon in hand
the road was wet with anticipation
it was a shock to the senses
just enough danger
to feel naked and alive
going for broke
in one magnificent moment
a chance for rare adventure
with cool waters and humility
and eyes that held the promise of
something new
it was fun while it lasted


(Phil Wormuth’s words):

I’m just another piece of paper
full of irked words –
a chorus of admissions,
a reaction against the consequences
resulting in reluctant promises
and questionable accomplishments.

I guess I haven’t gone too far –
a half-century-old frivolous chorus
drowning in the on-going loudness
from a band called something
playing in this dump again.

PHIL’s NOTES: I worked on this for a little over an hour. I only added a few words for continuity that weren’t in the BipTunia Lyric Generator and rearranged some things for meaning.


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