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“His Luck Turned to Dirt” – song by BipTunia


Words and speaking: Phil Wormuth Music: Michael W. Dean. This allows use and re-use by anyone except governments and government agents. There are no government guns for violators, only shame. Photo from simpleinsomnia. Covered CC BY 2.0 Notes: While running a phone line in the…


Raw voiceover for BipTunia SubmitHub cut-up song in progress


We took all the insults we got from submitting to SubmitHub, ran it through a scrambling algo, and then edited the result into beautiful poetry. Song isn’t done yet, but this is Michael W. Dean’s raw vocal before editing. Pre-edit mistakes, and laughter, and talking…


“Too Many Notes for the Royal Ear” – fast hardcore synth punk from BipTunia


LYRICS: I second that. We always have a poem in progress. Yeah…It was nice. I always picture the little skinny guy at the door handing out feathers. Sinnin’. (laughs). Vomitoriums, that was pretty cool, hygiene was terrible but… They don’t know how to show up,…

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